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Mira Dogs charity - Donate


Donations are the lifeblood of Mira Dogs, making our vital work to save abandoned pet dogs possible. Cairo’s abandoned pet dogs rely on your support to be rescued and receive life-saving veterinary treatment. 

Every pound you give will help to save lives and offer abandoned dogs a second chance. Your gifts will help us continue our mission of rescuing, healing, and ultimately finding loving homes for these dogs, transforming despair into hope. 


Your generous donations are the driving force behind Mira Dogs' unwavering commitment to the welfare of abandoned dogs in Cairo.

Rescue dog Titan

Donate £5

to provide antibiotics and other medicines to nurse a dog like Titan back to full health.

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Donate £10

to feed a dog like Lina for a month with healthy, nutritious food such as kibble, chicken and vegetables. 

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Rescue dog Lina
Rescue dog Peabody

Donate £25

to pay for life-saving veterinary care to save a dog like Peabody, a golden retriever kept as a breeding dog until she got mammary cancer and was chucked out on the street. 

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With Egypt experiencing unprecedented levels of inflation of up to 30%, people are struggling. As the cost of living continues to rise, more and more pets are abandoned on the streets. 

Whatever you can give today will help dogs just like Lina, Peabody and Titan.

Mira Dogs is home to 700 dogs who are in desperate need. We nurse abused and abandoned dogs back to health and then try to find them loving new homes. 

Please help today, Every penny we receive could help a dog in need.

Thank you.

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Your donations and privacy

Your donation will go towards Mira Dogs' efforts to help neglected and abused dogs in Cairo. Mira Dogs is a registered charity number 8295/2011. 

The information you provide to Mira Dogs charity will be treated with respect and used in line with your instructions. We will also use your information for analysis and administration purposes. Further information about how we protect and use your personal data is available in our Privacy Policy.

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